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Black Philanthropic Network

“The Black Philanthropic Network is the realization of a long standing vision for Blacks in philanthropy across the country to share resources, connect, inform and engage around our programming to shepherd ABFE’s mission to promote effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities.”
-- Marcus F. Walton, ABFE Director of Programs

What is the Black Philanthropic Network (BPN)?
The Black Philanthropic Network is a group of nine regional affinity groups whose focus is to support philanthropy in Black communities and that is in alignment with ABFE’s mission to promote effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities.

What is ABFE’s role in the network?
ABFE is the glue that keeps the network together. We coordinate activities, we house data and information, we identify resources and through our technology we connect and engage the network of regions.

What does the BPN do?
BPN offers programming, hosts even ts, and gathers and disseminates information around specific communities across the country.

Why is the BPN necessary and beneficial to philanthropy?
ABFE and BPN’s relationship allows us to identify the most current issues, trends, challenges and promising practices around the country and inform philanthropy’s role in improving outcomes in Black communities.

What are the ten regional groups that form the Black Philanthropic Network?
Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy
Summer Jackson

Black Philanthropic Alliance (DC)
Jacquelyn L. Lendsey

Chicago African Americans in Philanthropy 
Deborah Bennett

Sharon Bush

Colorado Blacks in Philanthropy
LaDawn Sullivan

Indiana Blacks in Philanthropy
Tyrone Spann
Michigan African Americans in Philanthropy
Shannon Polk 
Minnesota Blacks in Philanthropy
Trista Harris
New England Blacks in Philanthropy
Bithiah Carter

Southeastern Network of African Americans in Philanthropy
Kenita Williams

Tamieka White

African American Funders Group of Southwestern PA
Karris Jackson

New York Blacks in Philanthropy
Anthony Simmons