Marcus F. Walton

VP/Chief Operating Officer


Marcus F. Walton is the VP/Chief Operating Officer for ABFE where he works to build and reinforce its infrastructure to execute the mission of promoting effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities.  As director of programs he was responsible for the overall conceptualization and administration of programming that organizes knowledge and strategies to address issues relevant to the field of philanthropy; convening key philanthropic leaders to address structural barriers that produce inequity and disproportionately impact black communities; and providing support networks for Black and ethnically diverse philanthropic professionals.

Prior to ABFE, Marcus served as program officer of community responsive grantmaking with the Cleveland Foundation and sr. program officer with Neighborhood Progress, Inc. where he supported the empowerment of individuals and families residing throughout his native city of Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio region.  A long-time student of leadership development and personal transformation, Marcus is co-founder of the Consortium of Coaches of Color, principal of the African American Coaching Agenda and serves as an ontological coach to further realize his personal empowerment objectives.  Marcus and his wife, Kelley, and their eight year old son, Coleman, returned to New York City in 2007.  His wife is an executive with Moet Hennessey USA.


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