Natalie Diaz

Membership Coordinator


Natalie Diaz is the Membership Coordinator for ABFE. Prior to joining the organization, she worked in programs and development for over ten years in the nonprofit sector for organizations like the Robin Hood Foundation and The Annenberg Institute for School Reform. Ms. Diaz has also worked as an operations consultant for smaller nonprofits throughout New York City.

Ms. Diaz holds a bachelors degree in communications with a major focus on media and film studies from Goucher College. After completing her degree, she worked on a few major cable network shows as a production assistant and coordinator, as well as on some independent television and film projects as a producer. Ms. Diaz has also hosted and executive produced an internet radio program and is currently co-producing a hybrid radio-television entertainment news show.

In her spare time, Ms. Diaz works out, plays chess, completes crosswords, reads, spends time with loved ones and builds her music collection.

Natalie Diaz is from and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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