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Dear attendees of ABFE’s #EmpowerPhilanthropy 2015 Conference,

We greatly appreciate your attending the annual conference. Many thanks to our members, Bay Area Volunteer Planning Committee, sponsors, local Napa partners, attendees, presenters, special guests and guest speakers. We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to join us in Napa, prepared to participate, by sharing your ideas and expertise. With your active engagement, we will, collectively, make the greatest impact of improving outcomes in Black communities.

Our chief objective for this conference was to place an emphasis on the need for bold leadership by Black professionals in the field, as well as increased investments in Black organizing and constituency engagement. #EmpowerPhilanthropy mobilized many who intersect with philanthropy to explore contemporary and cutting-edge philanthropic strategies in key issue areas that will have the greatest impact in the Black community.

We certainly hope that #EmpowerPhilanthropy was all that you expected it to be and that you made new friends and renewed old acquaintances. ABFE’s vision for 2015 places us at the center of a movement that inspires grantmaking entities, philanthropic individuals and nonprofits in the US, to work collectively toward a brighter future for Black communities and the country as a whole. Your attendance at #EmpowerPhilanthropy brought life to our vision!

If we have been successful, each of us will take all the things we learned back home with us, that will result in a more responsive philanthropic community that is even more deeply committed to uplifting Black communities.

Again, on behalf of Team ABFE, we appreciate all of the co-organizers, partners, sponsors, and conference staff who contributed the resources and efforts needed during the nine-month pre-conference process. This conference would not have been a success without you.

We hope each of us will work together in 2015 to uplift the Black community by empowering philanthropy.

See you at ABFE’s 45th Anniversary! Stay tuned for details soon!

Yours sincerely,


Once again we’d like to thank our sponsors!







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About the Annual Conference

Each year, ABFE hosts an annual conference, convening more than 250 members, stakeholders and partners to advance a collective agenda of increasing public and private investments in Black communities. We offer attendees a set of informational and professional development workshops, and members of ABFE have come to look forward to this time of networking, engagement around shared interests in supporting Black communities, and recognition of our colleagues in the field.

Annual Conference Awards for Philanthropic Excellence

The James A. Joseph Lecture on Philanthropy is a tribute to Ambassador James A. Joseph, ABFE co-founder and distinguished leader in the field of philanthropy. The Lecture recognizes an outstanding individual whose leadership and contributions as a visionary philanthropic leader have helped advance progressive philanthropic ideals, strengthen grantmaking institutions and build vital Black communities.

To view the list of past James A. Joseph Lecturers and transcripts,

ABFE Philanthropic Emerging Leadership Award was established in 2002 to recognize and encourage the accomplishments and contributions of people in the early-to-mid 40 year old range, and who have served as staff, donors and trustees in the philanthropic sector for no more than 7 years. This award recognizes an outstanding individual whose innovative leadership promotes philanthropy as a means of social change in Black communities and advances ABFE’s mission. The ABFE Emerging Leader in Philanthropy Award is presented during the ABFE James Joseph A. Lecture in Philanthropy held each year at ABFE’s Annual Conference.

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The ABFE Institutional Award for Philanthropic Leadership was established in 2002 to recognize significant efforts and contributions of grantmaking organizations to promoting philanthropy as a means for social change in Black communities. This award recognizes an exemplary grantmaking institution that models effective and responsive grantmaking practices. The ABFE Institutional Award for Philanthropic Leadership is presented during the ABFE James Joseph Lecture in Philanthropy held each year at ABFE’s Annual Conference.

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