Leslie Nwosu

Associate, External Affairs

Leslie Nwosu

Leslie Nwosu is the External Affairs Associate of ABFE. Leslie is responsible for enhancing ABFE’s organizational development, membership, and communication functions while also providing critical administrative support to the Vice President of External Affairs and the External Affairs team. Upon joining ABFE, Leslie completed two years of service with the non-profit organization City Year in New York City, where she served systemically underserved and resourced communities in East New York and East Harlem. There, she led a cohort of AmeriCorp members in providing academic, social-emotional learning, and enrichment support to students and school communities, in addition to to collaborating with others to develop programs and community service events. Leslie also worked at Freeviv Nation. Freeviv is a Media Marketing and Management group designed to “Move the Culture Forward.” She worked as their creative marketing and communications strategist, specifically utilizing social media platforms to increase brand awareness, develop brand strategies for clients’ brands, and boosting audience engagement.

Leslie is a Nigerian-American, born in Washington, DC, and raised in Maryland with an educational background in Business Communications and Criminal Justice at Montgomery College. Leslie finds passion in connecting people & purpose to create a synergetic impact. When Leslie is not working, she is networking with other creatives in the DMV and New York City area, learning a new skill, enjoying nature activities, and spending time with family and loved ones.



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