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Black Male Funders Learning & Action Network (LAN)

Program Overview

The Black Male Funders Learning & Action Network (LAN) is a network of funders that are currently directing resources to initiatives to improve life outcomes for Black males. ABFE maintains the network to: connect foundations focused on the ongoing investments in Black male initiatives; lay the groundwork for a formal learning network to discuss strategies, lessons learned, and to gain access to research in the field; document the changes in grantmaking strategies and investments in Black male initiatives.

Program Objectives

  • To serve as a convener, strategic organizer, support system, documenter and resource for the LAN.

Program Audience

Black male initiatives led by funders.

Key Activities

  • Networking
  • Partnering Strategies, Activities, Convening’s and Communications
  • Resources

Program Point-of-Contact

Edward M. Jones, Director of Programs
E-MAIL: ejones@abfe.org