Black Philanthropic Network

Black Philanthropic Network

The network comprises regional affinity groups in philanthropy with a shared focus on supporting philanthropy in Black communities.



The Black Philanthropic Network is a group of regional affinity groups that are in alignment with ABFE's mission to promote effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities. We coordinate activities, we house data and information, we identify resources and through our technology, we connect and engage the network of regions.


This network offers programming, hosts events, and gathers and disseminates information about specific communities across the country. Our relationship with the Black Philanthropic Network allows us to identify the most current issues, trends, challenges and promising practices around the country and inform philanthropy's role in improving outcomes in Black communities.

Purpose and Eligibility

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To serve as a convener, support system, and resource for the Black Philanthropic Network.
Regional groups with a shared focus on supporting philanthropy in Black communities are eligible to be part of this network.
Network members have opportunities to connect, and access partnering strategies, activities, convenings, communications and other resources.

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