Our Values

Our Values

For more than half a century, ABFE has prioritized Black communities through our mission. This will never change. These are the guiding principles of our work.


embracing ideas and strategies to address historical and current anti-Black racism. ABFE commits to dismantling oppressive systems. Beyond rhetoric, our focus is on advancing racial equity and justice, building power in Black communities to substantially transform the status quo.

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our people from oppressive systems. ABFE is dedicated to using the tools of philanthropy to guide Black communities toward full social, political and economic opportunity.

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all African peoples across ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.

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with allies who are critical to our work, prioritizing the Black experience.

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the best approaches to promoting effective and responsive philanthropy in Black communities.

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Opportunities to join the ABFE community

Do you share our values? Join us in this work.