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The Racial Equity Advancement and Defense Initiative (READI) Resource Bank is intended to be a repository of information, tools, and resources to help those who are committed to advancing racial equity and racial justice, primarily in the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, understand the Supreme Court’s ruling and navigate the new legal and regulatory environments unfolding in many states around the country. The READI Resource Bank is not intended to provide legal advice nor serve as a substitute for legal counsel for those in need of legal support.

In recent years, attempts to silence the voices and neutralize the activities of the millions of people and the thousands of organizations committed to building a multi-racial, multi-ethnic democracy have increased in volume, voracity, and approach. Ranging from illegal acts of terrorism to the repeal of laws aimed at creating more just and equitable circumstances for all people, the tactics of white nationalists, white supremacists, far-right groups, and groups that share similar belief systems continue to plague our society and challenge everyone’s ability to live healthy, thriving lives. The United States Supreme Court’s June 2023 ruling that outlawed the use of race as a consideration for admission into colleges and universities is an example of these tactics.

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