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A once small volunteer organization has grown into a powerhouse of passionate experts committed to advancing equity and inclusion within the philanthropic sector.

Meet The Dynamic Team at ABFE

A growing team dedicated to driving impactful change.

Our team's collective expertise, experience, and passion is what makes ABFE the powerful network it is today. We're thought leaders, subject matter experts, and skilled facilitators eager to collaborate and share ABFE's mission.


Leading the Team

Office of the President

Managing Our Organization

Finance and Administration

Hajrina Shehu
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Leading Our Fundraising


Telling Our Story and Growing Our Community

External Affairs: Communications, Membership, Network & Partnerships

Communications | Memberships | Networks & Partnerships

Leading Our Offerings

Programs & Philanthropic Advising Services

Programs | Philanthropic Advising Services

Edward M. Jones
Vice President of Programs and Philanthropic Advising Services
Brea Butler
Philanthropic Advising Services Coordinator
Kyumon Murrell
Philanthropic Advising Services Trainer/ Advisor
Aron Goldman
Philanthropic Advising Services Trainer/ Advisor
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Our team is available to offer subject matter expertise and insights.
Thought Leadership
We often share our perspectives at conferences, on panels, and in other professional development settings.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Meet the dedicated leaders driving transformative change and fostering equity with their diverse expertise and unwavering dedication.