Corporate Community of Practice

Corporate Community of Practice

This is a member network designed to support Black corporate philanthropic professionals as they advocate for Black communities within the context of their roles and positions of influence

The goal of this network is to empower Black corporate philanthropic leaders with the tools to champion increased advocacy and resources for Black communities.

In 2022, during a transformative corporate hackathon at the Harambee conference, ABFE identified a crucial gap—a dedicated space for Black corporate philanthropic leaders to address unique challenges and share triumphs. Supported by comprehensive research and focus groups, this led to the creation of a specialized community aimed at empowering these leaders to advocate effectively for racial equity and strategically enhance their impact within their organizations.


Meetings and Eligibility

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Our Strategic Pillars

The network is guided by a clear vision: ensuring that all Black corporate grantmakers in the U.S. have the necessary resources and support to excel and effectively channel substantial funding to Black communities. To achieve this goal, three strategic areas have been identified:

Increasing capital to Black communities
Improved recruitment, retention, development, and promotion of Black corporate grantmakers
Targeted support to counter anti-Blackness.

Cultivate Change, Inspire Action

Empowering Leaders for Racial Equity

Join the Corporate Community of Practice to deepen your understanding of racial equity in philanthropy, engage in meaningful learning, and lead transformative change within your organization. Members will develop action plans, foster a culture of accountability, and enhance skills necessary to drive resource allocation and education on racial equity objectives towards Black communities.


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