Responsive Philanthropy in Black Communities Framework

A Framework and Agenda for Change

Responsive Philanthropy in Black Communities

We spearheaded one of philanthropy’s first racial equity initiatives that specifically addresses the sector's pivotal role in catalyzing strategic investments in Black communities. This framework is the foundation for all of ABFE’s programming, events, and workshops as we guide the sector towards equitable impact.

The Framework

Defining Our Approach


Why this Framework is Necessary

Race Matters
Black communities fare worse on almost every indicator of well-being. On many indicators, Black communities fare worse than other communities of color even within class groupings.
Declining Investment
Grantmaking specifically targeted to Black communities is declining at a time when outcomes and disparities for Black communities are getting worse. Urgent measures are needed to reverse these trends.
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Change is Possible
Given the right tools and technical assistance, we can direct more effective and responsive philanthropy to Black communities.

The only way to close gaps in racial disparities for Black communities is to be intentional about this work.

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